Looking to Apply Upstream Marketing to Your Own Organization?

EquiBrand has a 20-Year Track Record Helping Companies Grow

Work with EquiBrand

We offer our corporate clients specialized consulting services to improve their business situation. Our clients range from the top global brands and businesses to funded start-ups.

We help clients address some of their most complex challenges through insight, identity, and innovation services. This includes identifying new market demand spaces, developing entirely new opportunities, and integrating acquired businesses and brands.

Engagements Focused on Results — Not Reports

Our consultants work in small teams, in a collaborative style with client executives. This offers three important benefits:

  • A better solution is developed, increasing in-market success rates
  • The process is streamlined, with decisions made in real-time
  • Upstream marketing skills transference occurs, as a natural outgrowth of the project

Projects typically unfold over several months, including qualitative and qualitative research, strategy sessions, and concept iteration.

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