How To Create A Winning Millennial Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Millennials command an exponentially increasing percentage of discretionary spending and influence. But how do brands effectively target this important segment? The attached infographic from Salesforce outlines some key steps in creating a millennial strategy.

Take a look at the embedded infographic (or visit as well as some curated examples in the below table.

Step Example
1. Use data driven marketing fueled by your CRM and AI to personalize their experience. DoggyLoot segmented its subscribers by the attributes of their pet.
2. Reach out to them where they are. Realizing paper catalogs are no longer a preferred medium, Victoria’s Secret ceased production of physical catalogs. 
3. Rely on word of mouth. Slack built a $1.1 Billion company with no marketing budget.
4. Adapt to changing trends and new technologies. Starbucks, understanding the reduced friction associated with app enabled payments, was an early adopter in mobile payments.
5. Be real. Nike has one of the most followed Instagram accounts, featuring authentic photos of their products and athletes. 
5 Steps to Creating a Millennial Marketing Strategy
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